Nearby & Beacon 

  • Nearby Notifications is an Android feature which enables contextual discovery. Associate your website or app with beacons, to provide low-priority notifications when scanned by devices that are nearby.

  • To benefit from all these new features in Nearby, you don't need to do anything as a user. They will be part of a Google Play Services update that's coming to all Android devices on KitKat and above.

Nearby Notifications

Nearby Connections

Nearby Messages


Android 裝置

  • Google設定 (圖1)>>開啟 Nearby

  • 啟用藍牙和定位服務 (圖2)

  • Nearby>>掃描結果>>點選連結 (圖3)

  • 您的手機必須是搭載 Android 4.3.2 以上版本且配備藍牙功能

iOS 裝置

  • 在裝置上將 Chrome 新增至下拉式選單的今日顯示方式中並點選完成 (圖1)

  • 開啟藍牙功能 (圖2)

  • 回到下拉式選單,自動搜尋實體化網路點選啟用後,將會開始自動搜尋附近的實體化網路(圖3)

  • 您的裝置必須是搭載 iOS 8.0 以上版本且配備藍牙功能的 iPhone 或 iPad(圖4)


遊客接近Beacon時(15~30公尺),會透過藍芽收到通知(push notification),點選後會連到"到達網頁",提供所在位置的導覽資訊...